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Microblading is an advanced manual method of cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation. It is performed using a very fine, sterile, 100% disposable hand tool to deposit pigment into the epidermis. This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results are natural-looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of natural brow hair present. Please be prepared that eyebrow color intensity will be significantly darker and sharper within the first few days of the procedure but fade significantly (approximately 30-50%) over the healing period. Results and longevity vary greatly from person to person. However, we recommend a Touch-Up annually to retain the ideal shape and saturation of pigment.  Ombre powder brows are a subcategory of powder brows and are basically just a particular shading pattern there are 3 different styles we do here at the studio dark to light from tail to front, dark to light from bottom to top, and same color throughout the brow.

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Are Microblading Eyebrows Right for you?

Although Microblading is a trend that most people have heard of in the beauty industry, did you know that there is another one that is gaining popularity? Contrary to Microblading, ombre powder brows can be performed on virtually everyone, regardless of skin tone or the amount of hair present on the brows. It looks lovely on full brows and is a terrific option for individuals who want to add density and definition to sparse regions.

Reasons why we Prefer Ombre Powder Brows to Microblading

Those with sensitive skin should definitely use ombre powder brows/microshading. Additionally, if you have oily skin, it is fantastic. This is due to the fact that, in contrast to Microblading, the pigment penetrates deeper through the tiny, precise dots produced by the needle, improving the pigment’s ability to set. This is for you if you enjoy the appearance of filled-in brows.

Avoid Microbladed Eyebrows if:

– You’re under 18 years of age. – You’re over 55 years of age. – You’re pregnant or nursing. – You have a dark pre-existing eyebrow tattoo. – You have oily skin. – You have any kind of skin condition near your eyebrows. – You’re undergoing active chemotherapy.  – You have an active/untreated autoimmune disease. – You have visible redness on the face. – You’re prone to keloids, super thin skin, or Rosacea.

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Perfecting Sessions

ALL Permanent Makeup is a multiple-step appointment process. For best results, clients must complete the touch up AKA Perfecting Session. This session will take place approximately 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure to perfect the shape, color, and density of the area.

FAQs for Eyebrow Microblading in Louisville, KY

Ombre Brows vs Microblading – What Is the Difference?
  • Similarities

Both ombre eyebrows and microblading are semi-permanent eyebrow styling techniques. Pigments are injected into the skin and the results are relatively long-lasting. They don’t wash off or smudge, but do fade over time. Part of the pigment wears off mechanically, as the skin renews itself and dead skin cells are shedded, while the rest is absorbed by the body


  • Differences

DIFFERENT TECHNIQUE. The biggest difference between microblading vs ombre brows is the method used and the results achieved. Microblading is done by manually creating micro incisions on the skin surface and filling them with pigments. The strokes through the skin resemble hairs. Ombre powder brows are done by dotting (some artists call this method ‘pixelization’, others call it ‘airbrushing’) in a specific pattern, where the dot saturation is gradually increased towards the tail, so there is no dragging through the skin.

LESS INVASIVE. There is less pain and bleeding with microshading/ombre powder brows. The ombre technique is less damaging to the skin, as there is no constant opening and dragging of the blade through the skin. Of course, every skin will behave differently and there is no way of knowing until the procedure starts, but this is a general tendency.

MORE LONG-LASTING RESULTS. The average lifespan of microbladed brows is 18 months to 2 years, while ombre brows last longer due to the technique used – 2 to 3 years, but they can last even longer with touch ups.

HYPERTROPHIC SCARRING. Without a shadow of a doubt, microblading creates scarring. It can be seen long after the ink has faded. I don’t know about you but scarring up the skin is the exact opposite of what our goal is. Scar tissue will make it difficult as the years progress to touch up evenly.

Do you offer Financing?

Yes! Financing options are available for our services, including Ombre Powder Brows, and other cosmetic pigmentation solutions. There are three financing solutions you can choose from, click here to learn more.