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The Brow Babes offers top-rated permanent makeup for customers from Lexington, Kentucky, and surrounding areas. Just a short drive from our studio in Louisville, KY.

Best Microblading in Lexington, KY

Microblading in Lexington is a cosmetic procedure that fills in the eyebrows to make them look fuller. It’s a type of eyebrow architecture.  Microblading will last anywhere from 6 to 18 months, although this can vary from person to person.

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Powder Brows in Lexington, KY

Powder brows in Lexington, KY is a permanent cosmetic makeup technique for giving brows a soft powder look similar to powder makeup. For this treatment, we use permanent cosmetic equipment to implant pigment into your skin, creating a soft powdery finish that looks like makeup.

Lip Blushing in Lexington, KY

With our permanent lip blush in Lexington treatment, you may finally have the lips of your dreams! It’s a lip treatment (also known as Lip tinting) that adds definition, volume, and contour while also highlighting the natural elegance of the natural lip color (natural lip shape). 

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Permanent Eyeliner in Lexington, KY

Permanent eyeliner in Lexington is a procedure that eliminates the need for daily application of eyeliner. It is sometimes referred to as an eyeliner tattoo. Similar to tattooing, permanent eyeliner involves putting pigment under the skin along the lash line.

Tattoo Removal in Lexington, KY

People who want wide, thick faces but don’t want to use makeup every day frequently sport eyeliner, lip, and eyebrow tattoos. However, fashions change and these tattoos can also fade in color over time, which are two of the reasons why we meet customers who desire to get cosmetic tattoo removal in Lexington, KY.

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Scalp Micropigmentation in Lexington, KY

Scalp micropigmentation in Lexington is a non-invasive procedure that injects pigment into the scalp using fine micro-needles. As a result, small hair follicles start to form, which thickens the hair and gives it a fuller appearance again.

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About Lexington, KY

Downtown Lexington, Kentucky is brimming with rich history and captivating attractions such as the Mary Todd Lincoln House, Lexington Opera House, the Hunt-Morgan House, and more.
Top Neighborhoods:
  1. Chevy Chase/Ashland Park
  2. Kenwick
  3. Southland-Deerfield-Open Gates
  4. Fairway-Liberty Heights
  5. North Elizabeth Street
  6. Garden Springs
  7. Beaumont Park
  8. Andover Forest
  9. Eastland Park-Dixie Plantation
  10. Meadowthorpe

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