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Searching for Microblading/Ombre’ Brows in Louisville KY? You’ve come to the right place.  

Microblading techniques are derived from the use of a manual tool which penetrates the first layer of skin in order to replicate hair strokes that are missing from the brow. Microblading when done correctly can yield beautiful results on the right kind of skin. The skin type required for microblading must be young, tight, and dry skin. The retention for this treatment is 6 to 12 months.

Microshading/ Powder Brow/Ombre Brow techniques are derived from the use of a machine which penetrates the first layer of skin with a pixelated look in order to fill in the brow with color. An ombre technique is used in order to soften the brow and bring symmetry to the face. All skin types are candidates for this treatment and retention for powder brows range from 1-2 years. 


I’m mother to Brighten and a pooch named Lord Vegas.  I’m hilarious, freckle-faced, and neurotic in a good way.
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I love empowering women by making them feel beautiful. As a previous boudoir photographer I am a lover of beauty, symmetry, and youthful appearances.
As a small business owner I pride myself on bringing back the essence of youthfulness lost.
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