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Lip Blushing

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Lip Blush is the latest trend in lip enhancements! The perfect alternative to lip injections and fillers. Lip Blush is a technique intended to enhance and add definition to lip shape in order to create an illusion of more full and luscious lips. Wake up with natural beautiful lips and start your morning with SPF moisturizing lip protection or lip gloss to make it pop!

What are the benefits of Lip Blush?

  • Lip definition and enhancement (non-invasive) without injections/fillers As we age, we lose the color in our lips and skin all together. The most immediate lip blush benefit that many of our clients notice is how much more “awake” they look. This comes from the color enhancement and
    refinement lip blush gives you. A little bit of color added can go a long way. And lip blush gives you a long term solution for that.
  • Restore the appearance of natural color to lips or correct undesirable lip color
  • Symmetry
    – One of the most sought after and noticeable lip blush benefits is the boost in volume. But what’s important to make sure your artist is focusing on is 1. color as well as 2. shape. While color is more straight forward, what isn’t talked about enough is that this increase in volume needs to be perfectly even and symmetrical. Not only that but working with the natural curves of your face. our main priority is to always focus on delivering a natural look so symmetry is very important to us.
  • Corrects blurred lip lines and say goodbye to “bleeding” lipsticks, lipstick stains on your cup or facemask!
  • Long-lasting lip color
  • Increased pigmentation for pale and aging lips
  • The ability to customize your lip shade
  • Fuller-looking lips without need for injectables or surgery
  • Enhanced lip symmetry
  •  Color correction for scars and uneven pigmentation

Lip Blushing Techniques

Aquarelle lips are a form of lip blushing that blends the color of your choice into the lips in a soft airbrushed effect similar to a lip tint. It doesn’t define the edges of the lips as much as other techniques do. In fact, that’s what differentiates aquarelle lips from regular lip blushing.

Lip Blushing

The semi permanent lip tattoo is a great long-lasting solution for anyone who wants to give their lips an attractive pop of color, an illusion of extra volume, and camouflage minor imperfections. It can recreate the look of wearing virtually any type of lip makeup, from lip liner to matte lipstick, but it doesn’t come off or smudge for years.

Ombre Lip Blush

A very popular style of lip blushing is ombre lip blush, which implies an ombre gradient created from the edges of the lips towards their centers. The artist will make the outline more saturated and darker and gradually inject less and less pigment. This technique can make the lips look much fuller than they actually are. Some artists do a shaded lip liner, which is very similar to ombre lip blush but gives a more defined outline.


Is for the client that is SURE she always wants to look like she has lipstick on. We heavily saturate the lip and and define the shape so that every day you wake up with perfect lips

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Perfecting Sessions

ALL Permanent Makeup is a multiple-step appointment process. For best results, clients must complete the touch up AKA Perfecting Session. This session will take place approximately 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure to perfect the shape, color, and density of the area. 

Permanent Lip Tint Louisville FAQS

How Long Does Lip Blushing Last?

Lip blushing can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years, depending on how well your skin holds pigments, how hard your system works to extract them, and
your lifestyle – sunlight exposure and frequent swimming in the ocean accelerator fading, as do certain skincare products. You can prolong the effect by getting lip blush touch ups. Most clients get them once a year.

Does Lip Blushing Hurt?

The lip blush treatment isn’t exactly painful, because a topical numbing cream is applied before the needling starts. That said, it may be a bit uncomfortable, as the lip area is quite sensitive. You might feel some light scratching, but if you feel like it’s getting painful at any point of the procedure, tell your artist. They may be able to add more numbing.

What’s Lip Blush Healing Like?

Since the lip blush treatment entails having the skin of the lips pierced over and over again, the area needs some time to recover and close up the microwounds. The injected pigments take some time to settle into the skin and fade into their true color.

Here are the lip blush healing stages day by day:
Day 1: Your lips are swollen and the color is very intense. The piercing of the skin triggers swelling – some people experience significant swelling, some experience none at all. An ice pack should help. The freshly injected pigments look very dark, but they’ll fade into a lighter shade within a few days.
You may experience some pain, so check with your artist whether it’s okay to take a mild painkiller.

Day 2: Swelling should subside, but dryness kicks in Your lips should go back to their normal size by day 2 nightfall. They may feel a bit tender or numb, and they’ll definitely start feeling dry and tight. Your artist will prescribe a moisturizer. They may start to chap, and a light scab may appear.

Day 3: Chapping and heavier scabbing begins
Your lips probably feel very dry. Keep applying the prescribed moisturizer. You will probably notice a scab has formed, especially around the lip edges.
As you move your lips, the scab may start cracking, which is not a pleasant feeling, but it’s normal. Don’t pick at the scabs! You may ruin the results and put yourself at risk of infection.

Day 4: Peeling and flaking
Lip blushing heals quite fast, so the scab should start coming off in flakes on day 4. Let it fall off at its own pace. It may not look very nice, but it’ll be over soon.
They’ll probably feel sensitive, so don’t touch them.

Days 5 – 10: Some more light peeling and extreme dryness
Most of the scabs should have fallen off by now, but you can expect some more light peeling. Dryness is also to be expected. The color is now much lighter than on day 1 and it’s close to its true tone.

After day 10: Back to normal
This is very individual, but the lip blush healing process should be over somewhere around 10 – 14 days after the treatment. All the scabbing and the flaking is through and your lips don’t feel dry anymore. You can start wearing lip products other than the prescribed aftercare.

6 – 8 weeks after the treatment 

It takes about a month and a half for the skin to heal completely, although the symptoms disappear sooner. It also takes this long for the pigments to finally
reveal how they settled. You can go back for your lip blush tattoo touch up now.

What Happens at the Appointment
  • The appointment is 2.5 hours (consultation and prep takes the longest).
  • Lip assessment and prep include cleaning and shape outline.
  • Color selection
  • Topical numbing
What Should I Expect?
  • Mild swelling is common, bruising may occur for the first 3-5 days. Apply a cool gel pack on top of a clean tissue to reduce swelling.
  • During the initial healing period, there should be minimal scabbing or flaking of the skin, do not pick to avoid pigment lifting and allow the dry skin to come off on it’s own.
  • Expect the color to gradually lighten by up to 40% once the healing process is complete.
  • Color may appear uneven at different stages of healing. Be patient and trust the process.
  • Permanent makeup is done with specially formulated pigments rather than ink. They can be broken down by the body and extracted, so the results gradually fade until they’re not visible anymore. So it’s not actually permanent, although it lasts a long time.
  • Also, cosmetic tattooing doesn’t go deep – the color is injected just underneath the surface of the skin of the lips, from where it’s slowly exfoliated as your skin goes through its natural regeneration cycle.
  • Using an electric needle device, the artist tattoos a million tiny dots on the lips, gradually saturating them in pigment. They will probably go
    back and forth in several passes, but 1 session usually lasts about an hour and a half. Depending on the desired opacity, the effects are
    achieved over several lip blushing sessions. If you want a sheer, transparent pop of color, 1 or 2 sessions will be enough. But if you want the color to be more dramatic, you may need some additional appointments
Do you offer Financing?

Yes! Financing options are available for our services, including SMP, and other cosmetic pigmentation solutions. There are three financing solutions you can choose from, click here to learn more.