Everything You Need To Know About Lip Neutralization

Everything You Need To Know About Lip Neutralization

In the ever-evolving world of permanent makeup, trends like powder brows and microblading have taken the spotlight. However, when it comes to lips, Dark Lip Neutralisation has emerged as a game changer.    Dark Lip Neutralisation is a popular semi-permanent technique that is part of lip-blushing. This permanent makeup procedure is a shining knight in armor for those grappling with darker lips. It is a transformative technique that gives the lips a rosy tint while evening out their natural hyper-pigmentation.    From what dark lip neutralization is, to its benefits, and what to expect from the process – in this article, we will cover all this and more!   Let’s begin!   

Unlocking Beauty: Unveiling Dark Lip Neutralisation

You must have heard the quote, “Joy is the best makeup. But a dash of lipstick is a runner-up.” Having said that, permanent makeup is truly a miraculous tool today.    When the skin is rich in Melanin, it is usually darker, as this is the very substance that is responsible for the production of rich skin hues. But imagine evening out those naturally darker lips? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it is no longer a dream. Enter Lip Neutralisation, the magic wand of permanent makeup.    Lip Neutralisation is a permanent makeup technique used to even out the original darker tone of lips by injecting neutralizing ink pigments into the surface area of the lips. However, achieving this dream look is not easy.   Lip neutralization requires a meticulous pigment selection and multiple sessions of precise correction performed by the right artist. We know it is a lot of handwork, but the results? They are a true beauty jackpot!  

Benefits of Neutralization: Flaunt a Flawless Pout

Embarking on transformative beauty procedures sparks wonder, much like any decision in life. So, with that in mind, we have come up with the advantages of the Lip Neutralisation technique for all those considering this game-changer. After all, you can never go wrong with the perfect pout!   In addition to providing you with attention-grabbing, well-defined lips, lip neutralization balances your lips’ natural and enhanced tones. Imagine waking up looking like you just applied your favorite lipstick shade. Sounds like a perfect way to wake up, no? Well, with Lip Neutralisation, this is your reality.    This long-lasting procedure, lasting up to 2-5 years with touch-ups, not only ensures a natural appearance but enhances your lipstick game while saving you from the morning hustle.”  

Lip Bliss 101: How Does The Art of Neutralization Work?

Specialized makeup artists perform lip Neutralization which takes about 1-2 hours per session. The entire drill of the lip neutralization goes into the following stages.  
  • Consultation: Like every other lifestyle appointment, Lip Neutralisation requires the client to go through a consultation first. With this, the client and the artist can get to know one another and know what both parties demand. Through this stage, the Permanent makeup artist asks the client about their history and expectations and paints a vivid picture of the procedure.
  • First Session: The artist injects neutral pigment into the canvas of the client’s lips for color correction. Usually, red, orange, and yellow are preferred to balance out the darker hue of the lip area.
  • Second & Third Session: Each subsequent session, spaced six weeks apart, allows the lips to heal. In the sessions following the initial one, the artist examines if the color of the lips has turned a little light after the first treatment, if yes, then the targeted technique begins, which involves the use of brighter shades. 
  • Fourth Session: As Lip Neutralization ensures brighter and lighter lips only, the grand finale arrives. To add a touch of flair and overcome any paleness, clients often opt for the lip-blushing technique. Here, they can paint their lips with the perfect rosy tint or your desired color, resulting in incredible-looking lips.

Aftercare Secrets for Your Lip Neutralization Brilliance:

The aftercare process is as important as the procedure itself. So, with that in mind, adhere strictly to all the precautionary measures.

Conquer the Discomfort: 

For the first few days, you will experience discomfort due to swelling and redness in your lips. This is normal. After 4-8 hours, we recommend you use ice packs to ease some of the pain.

Fight The Urge: 

After a few days, your lips might have flakes. Make sure not to give in to the urge and itch or peel off as the fate of your pigment lasts. To help ease this, you can ask your artist to prescribe some balm or moisturizer. 


Do not use soap or makeup. Sip any liquid through straw and dodge friction-causing foods like burgers. Keep those lips untouched!

Sun and Sweat Caution:

Minimize exposure to sun or any strenuous activity that may cause sweating. Taking a bath or shower is allowed if you avoid washing the treated area.   With these steps, we ensure your lip glow journey will continue to bask in glory!  

Lip Neutralization Criteria: Who’s In and Who’s Out?

If you are thinking of getting Lip Neutralisation done, you must be wondering whether you are an ideal candidate or not.   You are not an ideal candidate if you:
  • Have skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, etcetera.
  • Are currently rocking pregnancy or breastfeeding journeys.
  • Have diabetes, BP issues, and HIV.
  • Allergic to ink or makeup
  • Have skin cancer
  • Healing disorder
  But, if you have overcome these obstacles and have lips that are darker or have two tones, then turn that frown upside down, buckle up, and get ready for your lip transformation journey because you are totally IN!  

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