Healing After Lip Blushing

Healing After Lip Blushing

Hear hear! Clicking the perfect pout pictures for your Instagram has just become easier because, as the proverb goes, “Lip Blushers are like the cherry on top of your beautiful smile.”

You know how? Lip Blushing is a permanent makeup procedure through which a Permanent Makeup Artist infuses a desired color into the lips. Through dotting and the rapid motion of a needle, the Lip Blushing Technique enhances the texture and color of your lips and gives them the illusion of being more voluptuous.

But it is not that simple. To get the desired result, you must take proper precautions and adhere to strict safety measures as it determines how your lips look by the end of the day.

Hence, today, in this article, we will explore the entire drill that the Lip Blushing procedure entails and all that you must expect during the healing process. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Understanding The Lip-Blushing Process

Before starting, we consult with the clients to ascertain their ideal appearance. The client is free to bring any images or colors that inspire them, which also makes our job easier.

To prevent the tattoo from fading after application, choose a shade that is slightly brighter than what you want. This will guarantee the best outcome. After everything has been verified, we collaborate to determine the volume and shape of your lips according to your preferences and begin from there.

How Long Is The Lip Blushing Process?

Excluding the consultation process, the Lip Blushing procedure typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

How Long Does The Lip Blushing Last For?

The Lip Blushing lasts 2-3 years with before requiring touch-ups.

Healing After Lip Blushing: What To Expect

The aftermath of Lip Blushing Treatment is a rollercoaster ride. But at the end of the day, it is worthwhile for “fillers give you the confidence to conquer the world with a pout.”

It has been famously quoted, “If you take care of things, they last.” The same applies to the lip-blushing process. Your aftercare regimen’s consistency ensures that your lips end up with the right shade and are smooth.

Lip Blushing Procedure requires extensive care because the quality of your hygienic practices directly impacts the final results of the procedure. You can expect your lips to slowly start healing within a week or two, with the full recovery occurring after at least four weeks post-treatment.

Here’s all that you need to know about the healing process involving the lip-blushing procedure.

The First 24 Hours:

Expect Swelling

In the first 24 hours, your lips will feel heavy and appear swollen. Something very normal for the first few hours, post-treatment. However, speak with your permanent makeup artist if, after 24 hours, your lips are still swollen.

Expect Soreness:

Following the treatment, you will experience some discomfort as your lips start to feel tight and chappy. You can apply ice packs to relieve some of the discomfort being caused.

Expect Brighter Lips

For the first few days, your lips will appear brighter than your desired color. Do not freak out, as the actual color will naturally begin to show once the healing takes place.

The Next 72 Hours:

The Flaky Stage

The 3-4 days following the treatment are the “Make and Break” days. In these crucial days, the skin will start regenerating, resulting in increased dryness and flakiness. The urge to scratch your skin or peel off the scabs will grow, but you must not give in. If you fail to resist, this will lead to a patchy outcome – and we do not need that now, do we?

Moisturiser Application

Lastly, apply the recommended moisturizer to prevent your lips from immensely drying.

Day 5-10:

Faded Color:

These days are the most dramatic of Lip Blush Treatment. You will wake up and find out that your lip color is no longer there. However, there is no need to worry because it simply indicates that you have reached the point where the color is gradually settling underneath your skin.

Softer Lips:

As the final flakes begin to fall off and the color slowly begins to reappear in all of its glory, your lips will regain their softness.

Week 6: Time To Book Your Appointment

By the 6th week following the procedure, your lips will completely heal. Schedule an appointment with your artist after 6 weeks to get the necessary touch-ups done, and to discuss all of your concerns.

Do’s and Don’t’s:

The Dos:

Do Avoid Sun Exposure:

It’s important to use as much sun protection as you can on your lips if you don’t want the pigment to fade. You can do this by layering your lips with a lip balm. Applying a lip balm does not only protect your lips from UV Rays, but it also helps prevent wrinkles.

Adhere to Strict Hygienic Measures:

Use cotton pads, a clean towel, and washed hands to apply products or to dampen your lips. Avoid touching your lips unless you are cleaning them.

Keep an Eye On What You Eat:

Until your lips have fully healed, you cannot eat anything that makes your stomach happy.  Avoid hot food, hot beverages, and food that is spicy, salty, or oily.

The Don’ts:

No Extensive Physical Activities:

Because the needle used in the Lip Blushing procedure leaves micro-wounds, it is important to refrain from any exercise that makes you sweat, such as jogging, working out, swimming, etc. This will lessen the chance of any germs being attracted by sweat particles.

Do Not Sleep With Face Down:

You must have often heard that sleeping on your face results in pimples and other skin issues. Hence, you should avoid sleeping on your face following your treatment until completely healed.

No Beauty Treatments:

Avoid getting any beauty treatments until your lips have fully healed because the harsh pigments used in these procedures may cause infection or the pigment to fade.

Get The Perfect Pout With Us

Lip Blushing requires utmost hand dexterity, which is why they always say, “Be picky with your clothes, friends, and YOUR INJECTOR.” With that in mind, we know you must be looking for an experienced artist who knows all things Permanent Makeup.

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