How To Correct Tattooed Eyebrows

How To Correct Tattooed Eyebrows?

In the fast-paced world of the 21st century, the art of permanent makeup only seems to be growing, with better techniques emerging each year. Nowadays, permanent makeup techniques are also inclined towards more natural effects, and when that is not received, women often end up feeling very dissatisfied and uncomfortable.

With that in mind, Eyebrow Tattooing is a big part of permanent makeup. But as much as it is sought after, it is equally difficult to do, and sometimes you’re left with not-so-happy brows.

However, a bad eyebrow job is not always a result of poor artistry but rather its lack of understanding of color pigments and how they tend to settle into the skin. So, choosing a permanent makeup artist is like choosing your favorite food – you gotta be wise about it!
In this article, we will be discussing how to correct tattooed eyebrows and get your brows ready for the weekend because remember, “All you need is a little love and that perfect arch!”

Let’s begin!

Why Do Eyebrow Tattoos Go Wrong?

The reason why some eyebrows go wrong can differ for a variety of reasons.
Before jumping on the bandwagon of correcting eyebrows, what first needs to be understood is the reason why the eyebrow treatment went wrong.

From the brand’s fault to the lack of understanding of color pigments. From skin type or aftercare measures that cause premature fading to a history of previous procedures and recent applications. From medical issues to sun exposure, the reasons can vary from person to person.

What Is Colour Theory?

Color theory is a very crucial part of the permanent makeup world. Not just for permanent makeup but even for painters and hairstylists alike. If your eyebrows have gone wrong because of color, then trust me, you will want a pro who has color theory all figured out on their fingertips.

If your eyebrows have turned red, purple, blue, or grey, then the artists can work wonders with techniques like neutralization to tone it down or to cover these unexpected hues. Deciding which corrective color will cover up the tone is where color theory plays its magical game.

For instance, if an individual’s eyebrow has turned red or somebody has a red undertone, the artist will use a green corrector. Remember seeing green foundations wondering what use they would be? Well, it is to cancel out the red color to neutralize it and bring it back to being brown.

Remember, when it comes down to saving the day for every color going wrong, they are the superheroes of the industry. It is solely because of this that color theory is so important for every permanent makeup artist out there.

Color Correction Gone Wrong: How To Fix It?

Before making a big decision, consult a permanent makeup artist so they can analyze the severity of the damage, like whether laser removal of the tattoo is needed or just small changes will do the task.

If they can do it by themselves, then patience is the key. Your skin needs time to heal itself because, trust me, skipping on the waiting game can result in not-so-fabulous scarring.

Once your skin is in the clear, it is time to overcome the eyebrow obstacles. For instance, if your eyebrows are well-defined, but the color has gone wrong — turned grey, blue, red, or purple. Fear not for color correctors are here to save the day.

As you can see from the spectrum graph below, every color on the opposite side of the spectrum will cancel each other out.

For example, orange will tone down botched eyebrows which are grey, green will tone down red, and yellow will tone down purple eyebrows. However, this is not as simple.

You still need an artist whose finest excellence is in their hand dexterity and expertise in color selection to ensure the brows match the masterpiece in your mind.

Well-defined Eyebrows Gone Wrong: What To Do?

So, you have found yourself in the “eyebrows gone wrong” ship. No worries, there is nothing that cannot be fixed.
In a case where you end up with uneven or poorly shaped eyebrows, we can use saline removal treatment.
However, like color correction, you need to let your skin heal before fixing anything. Trust me, rushing the process will turn those brows into an even bigger catastrophe. We do not want that now, do we?

Bad Eyebrows: Can They Be Fixed?

Most brow blunders are fixable but in certain cases. If you have eyebrows that are poorly shaped or results that appear as if the color is unnatural, these cases can be worked out with rightful treatment.

However, your mind should be in a very realistic place, and you should know that if you compare them to fresh, new permanent makeup results, then this mindset is unfair to yourself, as well as the artist.

But for good results, seek a professionally trained artist who can take a careful and precise approach that is customer-tailored as per your case.

How To Avoid Eyebrow Catastrophe?

To avoid eyebrow catastrophe, it is important to go for an artist who is licensed and certified. Their studio should also be certified and thoroughly inspected to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

The Ultimate Eyebrow Fixing With The Brow Babes

We get it. It is frustrating when we do not get the results our mind is so hell-bent on, and in something as permanent as eyebrow microblading, it can be an even bigger headache. But hey, chin up! Every hiccup has a fix, and the same is the case with eyebrow correction.

Every eyebrow correction needs a plan that is tailored to every client’s needs. So, if you are looking to get your eyebrows fixed and get that arch to turn heads in the crowd – The Brow Babes provides unmatched services in town.

So, without further adieu, book a session with us right away and let the brow magic begin!