What Is the Difference Between Microblading and Powder Brows

What Is the Difference Between Microblading and Powder Brows?

When it comes to applying permanent makeup on your brows, one question that is asked time and again is about the differences between microblading and powder brows.
Both procedures are classified as permanent makeup and include cosmetic tattooing. Despite these common grounds, there are lots of significant differences between the two procedures, the biggest of which comes in the form of the results offered.
What type of skin you have and the kind of eyebrows you are trying to achieve magnifies the differences between microblading and powder brows. Understanding the various factors involved and what each procedure entails can help you make a more informed decision about what option to go with. So, let’s get to it!

Microblading Vs Powder Brows – The Technique

The primary difference between these procedures is the techniques used by makeup artists.
For microblading, artists place micro incisions on the brows. This is done manually as they dip their tool into the pigment and then place small incisions in a way that mimics individual hair strokes. This technique of applying pigment enables the artist to draw brow hairs with high fidelity. Another key difference is how deep the pigment is deposited. With microblading, it goes under the layer of the skin, creating a crispier look.
On the contrary, powder brows–also known as ombre brows–involve piercing the skin with tiny dots of pigment. This procedure doesn’t require placing ink as deeply as in microblading. It is placed just under the surface for a more solid appearance.

Microblading Vs Powder Brows – The Tools

For microblading, the makeup artists use a tiny handheld device that has tiny, ultra-fine needles on one end. The size, shape, and placement of the needles allow the artists to replicate brow hairs realistically. The sharp edge of the needles is used to deposit pigment under the upper layer of the skin using incisions.
This hand-held tool, which relies on the artists’ steady hands and control, helps in creating a variety of looks. The illusion of real brow hair drawn with the microblading tool gives a natural appearance. You can ask your makeup artist to give you fluffier or softer brows and they can easily do so with the device.
On the other hand, powder brows are drawn using a handheld tool that only has one needle attached to it. This needle is used to place tiny dots into the skin and deposit pigment. Due to the dotting effect, powder brows add more definition and volume to the brows. It’s also softer compared to the crisp strokes of microblading.

Microblading Vs Powder Brows –Healing

Microblading and powder brows have the same timeline when it comes to healing, which is 6-weeks. However, the difference lies in the way they heal. First, the brows get darker in both procedures, and then they start to fade to a lighter shade after 3-4 days. Once the tiny wounds begin to heal, they scab. The difference is in the way they scab. With microblading and its incisions, the scabs are small in size, whereas with powder brows, the scabs are bigger.

Microblading Vs Powder Brows – The Finished Look

The idea behind microblading is to mimic brow hair in such a way that they appear realistic and blend flawlessly with natural brow hair. It is an excellent choice for those with very light brows and those who have bald spots and missing patches in their eyebrows. The pigment chosen for the procedure is also matched to the natural hair color so that it looks hyper-realistic.
People who want to have fuller brows that appear natural must always opt for microblading.
Powder brows on the contrary are for those aiming for a more dramatic look. This procedure gives the same appearance as filled-in brows using brow pencils, only it is permanent. The dotting technique gives the brows a soft powdery effect, like regular makeup. You can control how subtle or how conspicuous you want your brows to be. The result with powder brows is more defined, voluminous, and fuller.
Another customizable appearance that you can achieve from powder brows is the gradient look. Using the powder brow procedure, the artists deposit ink in a saturation pattern so the brows have a gradient effect with the heads of the brows lighter in shade and then getting darker as they move toward the tails. Hence the moniker, ombre brows.

Microblading Vs Powder Brows – How Long do They Last

Microblading results last for up to 2 years, whereas the life expectancy of powder brows is much higher. The latter usually last 3 to 4 years.

Multiple factors play into the longevity of either procedure, skin type being one of them. Factors such as lifestyle, skincare routine, and job type also affect the amount of time they last. Sun exposure, oily skin, chemical peels, sports, gym, swimming, and all the things that shorten the lifespan of permanent brows.
One way to make them last longer is through frequent touch-ups.

Microblading Vs Powder Brows – Who are the Best Candidates

Microblading is the right choice for those who:

  • Prefer natural makeup
  • Have patchy and sparse brows
  • Going through hair loss
  • Want shape enhancement
  • Have normal to dry skin

Powder brows are the right choice for those who:

  • Like the way their brows look with makeup
  • Prefer soft and natural appearance
  • Have mature, sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin
  • Want a more defined shape
  • Want darker brows

Powder Brows in Louisville, KY

For low-maintenance brows every day, powder brows are an excellent option. The decision eventually depends on your skin type and your personal preference on how you want your brows to look every day.
If you are still on the fence about the decision, we strongly suggest going through our pictures. And if that doesn’t help, reach out to the brow experts at The Brow Babes, Louisville, KY.
Here, we deeply believe in accentuating features realistically, while maintaining the integrity of your skin.  We love to educate new clients on the new procedures and make them comfortable so they can ask any questions about the world or permanent makeup.