What Is the Best Method for Permanent Eyebrows

What Is the Best Method for Permanent Eyebrows?

 Deciding which method to choose for your permanent brows can be a bit daunting. But when the word permanent is thrown around a big decision, you stop listening to your heart and start listening to logic. Fortunately, there are lots of well-researched articles and rave reviews about the two most popular brow treatments, powder brows (also known as ombre brows), and microblading. But in this case, the hype for both of the choices is more or less the same. Therefore, we have created a guide for those of you feeling indecisive about your brow method treatment.  Let’s see which method is for you based on the following factors:
  • Technique

Microblading technique involves creating strokes manually with a small blade that mimics hair strands, whereas, in powder brows, the technicians imply soft feathery application that gives off a shaded appearance. The latter involves the use of a small, handheld tool called a PMU machine to deposit pigment into the skin in the form of pixelated dots, creating a powdery finish similar to brow makeup. P
  • Style

Microblading and powder brows have different styles of application, therefore different results. The final appearances of the two methods are quite distinct. In people with sparse and thin brows, powder brows tend to look more natural than microblading. Microblading gives a very crisp look, making each pigmented hair strand stand out.
  • Healing Time

Everyone is built differently and goes through different healing journeys with both methods. That said, microblading is more invasive because the pigment is deposited deeper into the skin’s epidermis and takes longer to heal. It takes nearly 7 days on average to heal after microblading.   In contrast, the method for powder brows involves implanting pigment closer to the surface of the skin and therefore takes less time to heal. Most clients notice complete healing of the brows within days.
  • Skin Type

Skin type is decidedly a major factor to consider when choosing between the two brow procedures. Although both methods can be performed on a variety of skin types, powder brows tend to be more forgiving. The biggest drawback of microblading is that it doesn’t go well on oily skin, sensitive skin, damaged skin, or on certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, active acne, keloid scarring, etc. In microblading, the pigment ends up spreading with oil and the resulting brows are more blurred than crisp. Along the same line, microblading is also ineffective for people living in warm and humid climates. High humidity also reacts with the pigment, smudging and blotching it instead of giving a defined appearance. The results of microblading also fade faster on oily skin or people exposed to hot climates. Microblading is also not for people with sensitive skin as it uses a blade to deposit pigment and can be harsh on sensitive skin. On the contrary, powder brows only use a dotted application, and that too, just under the surface of the skin, and is therefore gentler on the skin. Powder brows also work well on oily skin and give a more defined appearance. Additionally, it also retains its color over time, especially on oily and thick skin.
  • Pain Tolerance

Both microblading and powder brows are minimally invasive procedures that are conducted after the application of numbing cream. This makes the treatments only slightly uncomfortable for people with high pain tolerance and a bit painful for people with low pain tolerance. Regardless of your choice of treatment, always communicate with your technician about your pain concerns, or your doctor if you have any medical condition. There can suggest many other ways in which the pain can be minimized.    That said, powder brows are less painful than microblading as it only involves dotted application in quick succession and barely scratches the skin surface. Microblading cuts deeper with its small-sized blades and tends to hurt more.  
  • Maintenance and Aftercare

The main purpose behind permanent makeup is to reduce the time spent on taking care of your brows and drawing them every morning. For that reason, powder brows make a better choice since they demand less maintenance than microblading. Powder brows fade slowly and don’t require frequent touch-ups every few months to remain crisp and fresh.  
  • Customization

Everyone wants great brows but no one wants to look like clones of each other. This is why your choice of brow treatment must have customization options that best fit your facial features. In this regard, powder brows take the lead. They can be customized to suit a range of skin tones, hair colors, etc. In addition to the mixing of pigments, powder brows can also be customized to appear natural, bold, or defined. Microblading also allows you to pick shades and hues, but almost every treatment results on the same scale of boldness without much separation. 
  • How Long They Last

Microblading can be a good choice for people who are unsure of the treatment and have it fade sooner than later. It is not, however, a good choice for those who want their results to last longer. Powder brows are slow to fade and retain color much longer than microblading. Unlike microblading, powder brows are also less prone to smudging, and the results tend to last longer. 

Microblading or Powder Brows – Which Treatment is Better?

All in all, if you want to play it safe without any compromise on the results, go for powder or ombre brows. Powder brows are a great option for those looking for a more long-lasting, natural-looking eyebrow enhancement.

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