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Tired of drawing on your eyebrows everyday?! We can help!

tired of filling in your brows every day?

I can help!

We want to make things as easy & affordable as possible. We break everything down into 3 payments & we offer No credit check financing with reputable companies such as KLARNA & CHERRY


Brows are $550 and here is the breakdown, 

$100 booking fee ( this lets me know you’re serious and won’t be standing me up because this is NON REFUNDABLE) 

$250 First session. This is Day 0, we spend our first 30 minutes + consulting and going over your brows, mapping & shaping.  Then we get down to business. This session last around 2 hours. 

$200 Touch up. This is a short 30-45 mi session used to perfect anything that we may need too!