Is Scalp Micropigmentation Worth It

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Worth It?

Scalp micro pigmentation has emerged as a progressively favored alternative for traditional hair transplants.  Unlike hair transplantation, which involves relocating hair to areas of thinning, scalp micropigmentation makes the hair appear dense by meticulously tattooing minuscule dots across the scalp. Due to the novelty of this hair restoration procedure, most people are hesitant to climb the fence as they wonder whether scalp micro pigmentation is worth it or not.  Let’s dig deeper by weighing in the pros and cons of the procedure so you can come to an informed decision and decide if it’s well-suited to you!

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation is one of the advanced cosmetic treatments, injecting natural pigment into the epidermal layer of the scalp. The technician uses a micro-needle to mimic the appearance of natural hair follicles on the bald area. This procedure is very effective in creating a new hairline.  

Pros of Scalp micro pigmentation

  • It is Realistic

One of the top advantages of scalp micro pigmentation is that it looks real. The dotted micro pigmentation mimics real hair follicles, replacing the bald spots with a realistic look. It also helps create a well-groomed buzz-cut hairstyle that makes you appear business-ready.
  • It is a Non-Invasive Procedure

The biggest highlight of scalp micro pigmentation is that it is a non-invasive procedure with absolutely no downtime. After the procedure, you can continue with your daily routine without any hiccups.  The procedure itself is simple and takes less time than any other cosmetic tattoo and permanent makeup. It is due to its non-invasive nature, the healing time is very small and there are little to no risks of infection.
  • It is Durable

Scalp micro pigmentation is permanent and lasts nearly 5 to 6 years without needing a touchup. With proper aftercare and a lifestyle with minimal sun exposure, it may last even longer.
  • Scars Coverup

An added advantage of scalp micro pigmentation is that it effectively covers up scars on the head. Be it surgery scars, imperfections, or scars from a childhood accident, the scalp micro pigmentation procedure conceals it naturally.
  • Cost-Effective

Scalp micro pigmentation is perhaps one the most cost-effective hair restoration procedures, and it gives immediate results to boot. Compared to outrageously expensive hair transplants, micro pigmentation offers an excellent alternative, and it lasts for years. An absolute win-win.
  • Low Maintenance

Scalp micro pigmentation is an easy-going, no-fuss procedure with minimal upkeep. Once you get the procedure done, you can leave it all alone and enjoy the appearance of the full head of hair. In some cases, the most someone would have to cut their hair is when it starts to grow longer and spoils the overall appearance.
  • A Perfectly Shaved Head Style

It’s difficult for everyone to pull off the shaved head look and appear stylish, but micro pigmentation makes it possible. The clean hairline, well-groomed shape, and the appearance of a full head of hair allow you to maintain that stylish shaved style or a buzz cut.
  • It Works for Every Hairstyle

There’s misinformation about scalp micro pigmentation that it only works for shaved heads and is limiting. However, that is not the case. Whether you have long hair, short hair, a buzz cut, or a completely shaved look, the procedure suits every hairstyle.  What’s more, the micro pigmentation also withstands all trends and helps you stay afloat with the latest fashion without any effort.

Cons of Scalp micro pigmentation

  • A Few Risks

Like all tattoos, scalp micro pigmentation also carries some inherent risks which are higher, lower, and next to none based on the makeup artist. A certified, seasoned, and professional artist takes all the precautionary measures to minimize all risks.  You should ask your artist beforehand about their procedure and what precautions they take to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions, unrealistic results, and needle infections.
  • It Looks Like Hair but Doesn’t Feel Like Hair

Scalp micro pigmentation offers an effective method for generating the illusion of hair, yet the tactile sensation remains like a bald scalp. Therefore, if your goal is genuine hair restoration, SMP might not align with your expectations. Instead, considering alternatives like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants or Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy could lead to outcomes more in line with your desired results.
  • You Might Need to Shave your Head Frequently

Scalp micro pigmentation doesn’t implant new hairs, it creates a realistic buzzed appearance, requiring shaving for the hair that grows through. This necessitates ongoing maintenance.
  • Getting it Removed is Tricky

If you don’t like your scalp micro pigmentation, removing this cosmetic tattoo may pose come challenges. The procedure might even be painful.
  • The ‘Hair’ Does not Grow.

Scalp micro pigmentation only creates the illusion of a head full of hair and does not help grow real hair. This is especially a con for those who have a large bald spot and like long hair.
  • Slight Discomfort

Although numbing cream is applied on the scalp before the procedure, people with low pain tolerance may feel some discomfort during the procedure.
  • Inexperience Artists May Ruin the Procedure

Selecting the right artist for scalp micro pigmentation demands due diligence. Despite having a preferred tattoo artist, the intricate nature of scalp micro pigmentation requires specialized training and expertise. It’s essential to invest time in finding the perfect scalp micro pigmentation artist and review their portfolio critically.  Typically, scalp micro pigmentation artists operate within clinical environments, boasting a commendable track record of successful procedures. Failing to conduct thorough research not only jeopardizes the outcome but also increases the risk of infection.  Therefore, prioritize caution and diligence in selecting a scalp micro pigmentation artist to safeguard against unfavorable results and ensure a satisfactory experience.

Choose micro pigmentation for a Fuller Look!

If you are done worrying about your hair loss and all the different techniques that demand a lot of you, scalp micro pigmentation is your no-fuss solution.  For those in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding area seeking a professional to achieve that fuller look, head over to The Brow Babes. Our team excels in creating an appearance so realistic that no one would believe it’s micro pigmentation, even when you tell them!