Chare’e Marniece (The Main Babe) Pronounced: Shuhh-Ray like Hooray for Shuhhray!

A 30 something, freckled faced, slightly hilarious retired Photographer turned permanent makeup artist has made it her mission to break down stereotypes, challenge old ideas & bring a new vibe to the outdated permanent world. Not only as an artist but as an industry influencer & educator as well.

Chare’e Marniece brings an infectious passion and energy to everything she does. The moment you step into the studio your nerves are calmed immediately by the soothing Lo-fi Chill hop playing in the background, the plants In every corner, the crystals in the windows, the aromatherapy soothes the soul. You nearly forget that you’re there to get a tattoo. She lives by the motto— Your Vibe attracts your Tribe.

“I love empowering women! Not only with words but also by making them feel beautiful. Reminding them that they are FIERCE! Even though they may have forgotten. As a previous boudoir photographer I am a lover of beauty, symmetry, and youthful appearances. I strongly believe in precision, professionalism, and education. I am a 100% supporter of doing WHATEVER it takes to make YOU happy, whether that consists of permanent makeup, fillers, makeup, plastic surgery, or none of the above. All that matters is how YOU FEEL when you look in the mirror. That’s my main objective on a daily basis, to give back the confidence that we so often lose by running ourselves to death and doing everything for everyone else. “ -CM

Taking the beauty community by storm, Chare’e launched the very first comprehensive online beauty Photography course aimed at helping the everyday beauty professional build their brand Affordably.

Charee’s intelligence and sense of humor has delighted everyone who has taken her course where she shares all her best secrets and tips turning EVERYONE into incredible photo takers! She has made taking professional photos fun and approachable and the results from her students speak for themselves!

A quick google search will pull up her 5 star reviews, you will see that they all say the same things. She is a perfectionist, she listens, her studio is calming and an entire VIBE! She is loved by her community & she continues to give back as much as she can.

Being a part of The Brow Babes is an experience and we cannot WAIT for you to join our Tribe!!